Saturday, October 11, 2014

"Our Thankful Tree"-Thursday November 6th @ 6:30

I saw this kit for "Our Thankful Tree" and made a few changes to what I would be the perfect craft for November! Sometimes the holidays make people so caught up in other things that we forget to reflect on the things we are truly thankful for.  For my family I think it will work best for us to sit down together each week and add more leaves for what we found we are thankful for and watch it fill up by the end of November!

The craft comes with 30 laminated leaves so they can be reused every year by using a wet erase marker to write on them (if you don't have one you can purchase one from me). It also comes with some wall tacky that is used to easily attach and remove the leaves!

On Thursday November 6th at 6:30 PM you can make one of your own!
COST: $25.00
Cost With Marker: $26.00
If you Can't come, I can make it for you!
Please indicate if you would like to come, or if you want me to make it for you, by leaving a comment with your name.
Make sure to sign up from an actual computer instead of your phone
The deadline to sign up and get payment to me is Thursday October 30th.
Hope you can make it!!
Let me know if you have any questions!