Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Year-Round "Home" Blocks - April 25th and May 23rd

I made my first trip to The Wood Connection last weekend and was not disappointed!  They had so many cute wood crafts, I could have bought everything in the store!  One thing I really liked were these "Home" blocks with the interchangable "o".  There are 13 different "o" pieces for each month of the year + a birthday one too!  I thought this would be fun to do together, since it is seasonal with all of the different blocks :)

The month "o" pieces come in a couple of different sets -
since May is just around the corner, we'll start with the summer blocks.



These "H" is just over 6" tall.  
You'll have a choice between black, brown, or cream for their H, m, and e letters. 

Because it would take too many hours to do all of these in one night
(paint the letters and each of the 4 "o" pieces), this craft night will be split into two - We'll first meet on April 25th at 7:00 to paint the flower (for May) and the H, m, e letters.  Then, on May 23rd we'll finish the June, July, and August pieces.  I will be buying these in a set which will cost $25 (including wood, paint, glitter, ribbon, etc). 
Full payment will be required before the first craft night.

*if by some chance you already have the letters but want more "o" pieces, the cost for these 4 "o" pieces (inclinding wood, paint, glitter, ribbon, etc) will be $15.

I'd like to get a head count so I can get the wood ordered asap. 
If you would like to attend this craft night,
please email for more information.