Who I Am

I like to craft, but I've found (aka my husband has mentioned) that sometimes it's hard for me to finish projects. Because of this, I've decided to set aside one night a month where at least one project could be finished

Here's how it works:I'll pick a monthly craft, set a date, get all the supplies for everyone, and do any necessary preparation. The craft will be posted here on the blog with the cost and the information I'll need from you.

There will be a date that I need you to rsvp by - to rsvp, you need to do 2 things:
1. Leave a comment with the information requested on the blog post - if you do not have a gmail or blogger account, you have the option to leave a comment "anonymously". If you leave an anonymous comment, please put your name so we know who you are.
2. Pay the required cost so I can purchase the supplies (your rsvp will not be valid without payment). To pay, contact me by the rsvp date.

Each month at craft night I'll display the following month's craft. Come prepared to sign up and pay for the following month's craft if you choose to participate :).