Thursday, February 6, 2014

SLC- Step Stool -Tuesday February 25th @ 6:30


*Please Take Note*
I've noticed that as my boys have been using the stool it is a little wobbly so I went on a search for different one and found one that is more sturdy! It is the same size, the top is thicker and the base is thicker but a little different design (It has handles too which I love)! Because I had to change, the cost will now be an even 20$. Below is a picture of the more sturdier stool which will now be used!

I have been wanting to try something like this for a long time.  I love the look of numbers on furniture and thought a little step stool would be the perfect item to try it on and I love the way it turned out!
 The size of this stool is perfect.  It is about 8 inches tall. Let's face it, I am not that tall.  This stool gives me the extra inches I need to reach items in the kitchen.  Plus my littlest one can sit on it to read books or my older one can stand at the sink to brush his teeth!

To handle the everyday use of feet stepping on this stool the last layer brushed on will be polyurethane, a finish that provides long lasting protection to any wood surface.  Because of the drying time on polyurethane it is not wise to apply it and then transport your craft.  You will want to leave it at my place for a day and then we will arrange for a way to get it to you!  polyurethane definitely adds the professional look so it's a step you don't want to miss!

COST: $20.00

If you would like one but can not come.  I can make it for you!
COST: 25.00

Please indicate if you would like to come by leaving a comment with your name and specify if you would like a different color than shown.
The deadline to sign up and get payment to me is Tuesday Feb. 18th.
Hope you can make it!!
Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. You know ill be there for sure!

  2. So cute! I really need a step stool for Declan's bathroom. When is the next time you'll be in St. George? I might need you to make me one!

    1. Kassidy I might be there sometime in March! Let me know if you want one and I will totally make it for you! Even if we are not in town at the same time I can leave it at my mom's for you to pick up :).

  3. I want you to make me one!

  4. This is way cute! So are you in SLC? If so I may have to come to one of these crafty nights! Very cool what you are doing!!

    1. Hey Katy! Yes I am actually Located in Bountiful and I just hold them in my home. It would be so fun if you came! Did you want to come to this Craft night? If so, I can give you my info to get payment to me :)! Let me know! PS. Your family is adorable.

  5. I'll be there!