Sunday, April 14, 2013

SLC-Growth Boards-Tuesday May 14 @ 6:30

I am so excited about the craft this month! We will be making growth boards! When my husbands parents moved from their house where their kids had grown up, they had to leave behind all the measurements they had marked on the wall.  We decided to go back to the house and ask the new homeowners if we could copy down the measurements.  We then put them on a board that would be able to go with them wherever they ended up!  We have one at our place and our boy looks forward to getting measured to see how much he has grown!

This craft is perfect for a baby shower gift, a gift for grandparents, or for use at your own home for your children or future children (if you are planning on just now starting a growth board you can use past doctor records to mark growth measurements).
Sorry for lack of a better picture.

Cost- $18.00
Please indicate that you would like to come by commenting below.  Include your name, whether you would like to make a girl, boy, or gender neutral board, and which paper you would like to use from the options below.  
I have limited paper so whoever signs up first will get their choice.  I will post when I am out of certain paper.  Also, if you have an idea that is not listed, contact me and I can let you know if it is possible. 

Another boy option is circle polka dots as shown under gender neutral (please pick colors) 

Another girl option is flower polka dot as shown below or circle polka dot as shown under gender neutral (please pick colors)

You can also choose to do polka dots of almost any color - please list colors you want if this is what you choose
Space is limited!
If you are interested please comment and pay by May 7th.


  1. I definitely will be there. Just gotta decide what I wanna do. Probably gonna be with polka dots. Red blue orange purple green yellow. Or any striped ones like you had too.

  2. I'll be there, Teresa! Thanks for making it on a night when I can come! I'm so excited. I'd like the alphabet paper for Neutral, that says "U is for umbrella" etc. Yeah I'm so excited!!!
    -Julianna Spencer :)

  3. I'm coming. Count me in.
    Laura Johansen

  4. I'm coming! I'll do a board for the girl--the geometric type pattern in the middle of the girl prints!

  5. I'll be coming. Cara McIntyre, gender neutral. The ABC paper and the circle paper with white background. I don't know if I'm allowed to use two kinds of paper and that's fine if I can't, I just didn't know how to use the ABC paper with the examples of boards I saw. They all had the shapes cut out so I figured I'd make it work with both kinds of paper...I don't know. You'll have to guide me. Thanks!